Letters to the Editor
May 5, 2016

To the Editor:
The Right Brand of Leadership
I am supporting Martin Hernandez for Supervisor. I would ask that you do too. There are many committed voices in this race. The role of supervisor demands a special portfolio of leadership; I believe that Martin is the best choice from the field.
In conflict, he invites people to dialogue. In difficult and competing priorities, he looks to the long term. In community, he always looks to a voice of middle ground, common good and commonplace; for the whole community.
This is the kind of work that I appreciate in political leadership; a calm head, a quiet voice of collaboration, a willingness to get to yes.
To that end, I would like to ask your support for Martin and to get us to yes, Martin Hernandez for Supervisor in the 3rd District.
Bill Bartels
GreenSource Inc.