Letters to the Editor
May 8, 2014

To the Editor:
After reading your rant about the gasoline pump meter, I did some simple arithmetic to see if your complaint was justified. Today regular was $4.439 at the Fillmore Chevron, which would be $97.66 to fill a 22 gallon tank. That is approximately $10 less than what you spent. If the gas were $0.20 per gallon cheaper at the time you made your purchases, it would have cost $93.36 for 22 gallons. It appears you were not overcharges. Why pay more to pump gas at Chevron when across the street it is $0.10 to $0.20 cheaper? Maybe you had 200 Vons points for a 20 cent discount.
I do wish the Gazette would spend a little more time on some of the real issues that impact Fillmore. Besides the school issues, an important issue is the Transportation Commission vs Fillmore Western Railroad. It deserves more investigation than the other media has given it. Both the L.A. Times and the Star have cover it superficially. No one has asked why the Transportation Commission staff allowed so many years to elapse before claiming that Fillmore Western was not fulfilling the contract. It would appear that the Commission staff and Committee members are incompetent and should be replaced. Does anyone remember the overgrown railroad right-of-way and graffiti covered crossing signals before Fillmore Western came to town?
Bob Morris