Letters to the Editor
October 17, 2013

To the Editor:
Algebra II requirement to graduate
The refusal of the Board of Education to acknowledge the concerns of Karen Ashim, the recently retired head counselor at Fillmore High School, shows both ignorance and arrogance. For several months, Ms Ashim has begged the Board in person and in writing to reconsider their decision to require Algebra II to graduate from Fillmore High School effective for seniors hoping to graduate after completion of studies this year. It is completely unreasonable to mandate this requirement without adequate warning. At the last Board of Education meeting, Board Member Prado dismissed concerns with a remark about challenging the students to strive for a higher standard. He further stated that just because other schools are not requiring Algebra II does not mean that FUSD should not do it. The Board should strive for a higher standard and consider the opinion of the best person to access this requirement. Ms. Ashim has an MS in Counseling and Guidance, an MA in School Administration and for many years was the head counselor at Fillmore High School. She will never know how many lives she has positively influenced. Some she has truly saved. No one on the FUSD Board of Education has such credentials. Does it not occur to the Board that there are very good reasons other schools do not have this requirement?
Ms Ashim has formally requested, in person and in writing, for the topic of math policies and course offerings to be included in the Board of Education agenda. This plea was ignored. It is illegal for the Board not to honor such a request. Was their refusal simple ignorance of the law or another example of their arrogance? Can we expect the math topic to be on the next Board agenda or will the Board continue to defy the law and the people of Fillmore?
Yes, another sad chapter.
Mary Ford


To the Editor:
Thank you Mr. Mesfun
I received from you a voicemail last night thanking me for my generous deed in returning a lost wallet to one of the school's students.
I appreciate you taking the time to contact me so now I thank and commend you for that and for your service to the school.
As a Fillmore High Class of 2003 alumnus, I esteem your role as principal of my alma mater and wish you be best in your career as supervisor of the home of the Flashes.
I've left my mark in that school (literally) during my four-year tenure by painting murals and leaving an impression with the staff that, to this day, still remember me.
Small town Fillmore may not be like a fast-paced Northern California city, but the experience you carry with you, Mr. Mesfun, I know will benefit these students. In turn they too will promote health, integrity, citizenship, and a state of well-being to our little community thanks to your contribution in their young lives.
So I honor and am proud of you, Mr. Mesfun
Omar Becerra