Letters to the Editor
October 20, 2016

To the Editor:
Are you kidding me?
How wonderful it would be if the politicians were only joking and the propositions and people they are asking the voters to approve would not have continuing repercussions. Unfortunately these corrupt individuals are not kidding around. They are deceiving our citizens as well as other residents of our State and Nation. Deception must be recognized as being introduced by a deceiver and deceivers are influenced by demonic authority. What other explanation is possible for supposedly intelligent people continuing to do the same things and vote for the same representatives while expecting to get a different result? How much longer will people complain about laws that are being approved and the circumstances they are facing without making a radical change? The representatives who have been holding citizens captive to their own self-serving agendas must be removed from office. Hopefully there are a few who recognize that doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is a definition of insanity.
Hypocrisy is running rampant through the corrupt agencies of our governing officials and they are being allowed their seats of authority by deceived voters as well as others who are long deceased or not citizens of the United States. It has been well documented that this travesty has occurred in Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio as well as California.
Although the federal administration has attempted to ridicule the Bible and remove the authority contained within, don’t be fooled, God will not be laughed at or remain silent forever. He has warned that judgment will follow our ignoring His warnings. It is written that when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice and when the wicked have control the people groan. At this time a tremendous number are complaining and groaning. Like it or not, believe it or not, we are in a spiritual battle for the rule of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. There are at this time numerous individuals in the establishment, the United Nations, the liberal media, our courts of injustice and our administration who are adamant that the citizens of this United States become wards of an international court of law and single global dictator. Barack Obama unequivocally stated this in his supposedly final address to the United Nations.
Our citizens have been overcome by a sense of complacency and have allowed fraudulently elected officials to dictate the rules of combat through political correctness and the threat of being convicted for ‘hate speech’. A wise person once said that what we tolerate will eventually become our reality. We have tolerated the lies of government politicians and allowed them to go unchallenged. A perfect example of this is the Affordable Healthcare Act known as Obamacare. We were lied to about it’s affect on the populace, the small businesses and insurance companies. The bill was approved of entirely by the Democratic representatives in Congress without a single Republican vote. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid demanded the bill be ratified and then studied for content. Our representatives were so unsure of what they approved they took the precaution of maintaining the health care coverage they had before the bill took effect. This having been indicated, there are nearly as many corrupt and perverse Republicans in office as there are Demonic-rats.
The California electorate has been so snared in a web of deception for such a long time the Democrats feel assured their agendas will continually be affirmed. Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein have been reelected time after time and even Jerry Brown who had been defeated in the past for extremely poor judgment was once again elected as governor. Now he is condoning the release of repeated felons. He is even restoring to them the opportunity to vote. He is attempting to define or redefine the definition of a violent criminal. The effects of his decisions are being witnessed currently as there are several funerals being held for dedicated police officers. Arnold Schwarzenegger received much criticism for releasing one man, the son of a political crony, and rightly so. Governor Brown is releasing hundreds and the liberal media seems to be ignoring the issue. Ownership of weapons for personal and family defense is being threatened. The confiscation of guns has in the past in many countries been the precursor to dictatorial governments.
The Bible warns that the thief and father of lies comes only to rob, murder and destroy. This enemy of God and mankind is also identified as the accuser. Whether you believe he exists or not it matters very little. It has always been his course of action to cause people to bring accusations against others that they recognize in themselves. With much contempt and distain the liberal media is accusing Donald Trump of purported sexual improprieties that they themselves along with the Hollywood elite are guilty of on almost a daily basis.
Precisely because these captives of the deceiver have become demonic affiliates, they have no platform for improving the future of our citizens. Therefore they are making every attempt to insult the intelligence of voters by making this most important and critical election decided on issues of personality, accomplishments and failures other that the real issues that will ultimately decide our independence. The future of our sovereign nation, the United States of America is what is in jeopardy as well as that of Israel. God has promised to defend Israel as they have been previously judged and restored to their land. The leaders and the population inhabiting America have been warned and are rejecting the warnings. PLEASE consider for once voting the Christian principles of truth, a sound mind and justice for all. It may be difficult for us to accept but this may very well be our last opportunity as a free people to maintain the liberty we have enjoyed and restore a government ‘for and by the people’.
S. Mason


To the Editor:
In recent weeks several Letters to the Editor by Bob Stroh, contained blatantly wrong and misleading information regarding the City of Fillmore’s Measure G (CURB) and city council members.
Measure G - A “YES” vote on Measure G will extend the expiration date of the Fillmore City Urban Restriction Boundary (“CURB”) by ten years - through 2030. This will allow Fillmore to continue to enjoy the benefits of the CURB for ten more years - to protect agricultural uses of land and retain a small town atmosphere. In 2030, the City can review the CURB boundaries again and determine if the boundary is sufficient and can decided to extend the boundaries or CURB timeline again. It is difficult to accurately plan further into the future, such that, the Council believes, that limiting the extension of CURB to 2030 is an appropriate balance between preserving the benefits of the CURB and allowing Fillmore to adapt to changing economic circumstances and development needs.
Fillmore’s CURB is extending an already in place initiative, which SOAR supporters signed off on.
City Council – No City Council member is in the pocket of any developer as Mr. Stroh would like you to believe. These defamatory comments lack merit and are damaging to the City Council and the City as a whole. Everyone has a right to free speech; however, insinuating that the City Council is on the take is deplorable and not protected by the First Amendment.
Great strides have been made by this City Council over the past four years to fix the problems created by past city councils. Every resident of Fillmore should investigate for yourself to see who is actually behind the SOAR initiative in Fillmore and, when you do, ask yourself do I really want to follow these individuals?
David W. Rowlands, Fillmore City Manager