Letters to the Editor
October 24, 2013

To the Editor:
It is a great feeling to know that good Samaritans and friends will respond in time of need, such as.... Last Tuesday while returning from my morning walk I had reached Shiells Park, when my legs lost all feeling. I went down on my left side, my head hitting solid ground. I was in a daze for a minute when I heard voices and arms trying to help me up. I am not sure if I knew these good Samaritans or not. Tissues were applied to help stop the bleeding on my head. Someone asked who to call and momentarily I forgot Judy's cell number, she was on out finishing up her walk. I did remember our friends Bob and Mikki's number. It only seemed like seconds before Bob was there. I was then lifted into his truck. He got me into our house and Mikki then took over and attended to my bleeding and applied an ice pack to my head. Meantime Bob went to find Judy. I was checked out by my doctor and other than being battered and bruised, I checked out okay. I'm on the mend. This letter is an attempt to thank those "Good Sams" who came to my rescue, during and after my fall. Thank you, thank you.
Ray Dressler