Letters to the Editor
September 1, 2016

To the Editor:
I would like to clarify some of the facts relating to the lawsuit between Fillmore Senior Center, Inc. vs. City of Fillmore. First, I’d like to say that the Star article repeatedly stated the City “evicted” the group from a city owned building. The City chose to not renew the lease so that the City could use the space to provide more programs for more groups of people – which the City has done. Also, the FSCI was given almost 8 months’ notice and allowed to finish their lease term.

Regarding the legal fees, the following is the statement I made to report out of closed session Tuesday night:

“The city council this evening authorized the seeking of the full amount of attorney's fees and costs from FSCI. FSCI filed this case against the taxpayers of Fillmore, knowing that the facts did not support the claims. Despite this mutually known fact, the city made several offers to FSCI in an attempt to resolve the case before trial. This would have allowed both parties to stop spending tax payer AND non-profit resources and efforts on this matter.”

“FSCI continually refused the cities settlements efforts and declined to even make counter offers. As a result, the city and its tax payers were forced to pay court costs and attorney's fees of approximately $78,000 to see this matter through trial. The city council would now like to see our taxpayers reimbursed rather than face reduced services as a result of the deferral of these general fund monies. “

FSCI filed a lawsuit alleging that the City did not give proper notice of the non-renewal of their lease. The judge found that the City of Fillmore complied with all applicable laws and the contract with FSCI.

The agreement between the City and FSCI authorizes the prevailing party in any dispute to collect its legal fees. This is a common clause in contracts. Accordingly, pursuant to this provision, the City Council has authorized staff to seek reimbursement of these fees from FSCI to make the taxpayers whole.
Thank you much,
Diane McCall, Mayor


To the Editor:
I just read Bob Crum's article about the County Fair. What a great job of showing and telling the stories of our young participants who raised their animals. I loved each interview with the kids - why they chose their animal, what they've learned about caring for the animal, what their plans were for next year and so on. Great lessons are learned from the experience. Thanks to all those adults - 4H leaders, teachers, and parents- who work with them.
Makes you proud of the next generation!
Sincerely, Susan M Cuttriss