Letters to the Editor
March 9, 2017

To the Editor:
EPA Representative M.S Holly Hadlock, City Leaders and Fillmore Citizens,
I am writing you this letter in opposition to the proposed partial del-list petition to remove pacific coast pipeline superfund site here in the town of Fillmore California. I have a home no further that 30 feet from the project and have had to deal with the mess of clean up, the worry not only for those of us who have been exposed to chemicals for years unknowingly but also for the future personnel that Chevron is eager to get on that space once it is developed. And they WILL develop it. I have been on the stakeholder committee for years and have watched them lie to my face and not be forth coming with information in many situations in regards to the neighbors and community.
I will give you an example. During the cleanup, land was graded after some contaminated soil was removed. Some is still on site in boxes they say will keep it contained, as if metal doesn’t rust under soil. Well during the grading prepossess they moved soil that was part of the lower half of the hillside away from the hill and closer to the creek and closer to our homes, no further than 30 feet. It made a huge impact on the look of the hill and an eyesore for the neighbors. I was told by Leslie that it was needed for drainage purposes that were required by the county because no water was allowed to leave the site without being treated first. My first thought was darn it, I get to look at that! Oh well. Months later when my husband looked at it and pulled information on it he told me that it was actually a building pad. Yes he is an engineer so he knows what he is taking about. When I asked Leslie about this she said that yes it was a building pad and the plans were to build buildings on the entire site. After hearing all the information that would only come out a little bit at a time over many moths/years of meetings, it was clear that the plan was to build an industrial/business park in Fillmore right behind these home where no one wants them. In some areas the buildings would be level with the homes but in my location the building pad is 30 feet above my home and the building they propose could be not only one story but two stories high above my home. Drainage my foot!
Example two continues on from the drainage issue. I was told earlier that the county would not allow water to leave the site during cleanup and flow into pole creek next to the site and then drain into the Santa Clara River that feeds into many water resources through the county and towards the ocean, well it did just that during one March rain storm. Being married to an engineer our family drives throughout Fillmore during storms and we look at drainage devices to see what works and what does not. We look at streets, walkways, gutters creeks and rivers. We happened to finish the day looking at the catch basin at the end of pole creek just south of the superfund site. I decided to look up the channel of pole creek to see how full it was and was horrified to see the water FLOWING off the site. Yes I did take a picture of it. Knowing that I would be in a superfund meeting later that next week. I asked what would happen if the water did go off site in that kind of situation and I was FIRMLY told by Bill that “It would not happen”! They were not pleased when I presented the photos of just that happening. Leslie covered with, “we did see that it did happen and they caught it first thing Monday morning”. The water was flowing since Friday.
So I hope this gives you some clarification as to why I do not trust anything that Chevron tells me. They said that they were doing solar, period. Now I can see the bait and switch I figured they would do is happening. Once they are taken off the list then it will be developed and people working there for many hours a day will be exposed to the chemicals still in the water and the soil buried there. I asked during a meeting if it was developed would they (Chevron) post signage notifying workers or people coming to the site of the superfund status and their risk from long exposures to the site and they said no, that would be up the leaser or managers of the different establishments/businesses. Chevron has NO regard for our community but only for making money off a poor piece of land that is in a junky location only to be a further burden on the close proximity of residential and elementary school neighbors. No! Do not remove them partially from the superfund list for surface soils now or ever.
The public deserves to know what has gone on at that site in the past to protect themselves and their posterity from harmful heath issues in the future and at least have the choice to say no I value my health more than to visit or work on this site. I fear that once you allow this change of superfund status to happen and they “clean up” the water then they will ask to be taken off the list completely. This would open the door for them to build not only the restricted things they currently are allowed to but it would remove their current restrictions and would allow homes, schools, hospitals, hotels all which are not allowed currently due to the fact of long exposure to the chemicals still left on site. It makes a person wonder how clean is it? Family’s would garden in these homes and eat food produced from this soil. Students would roll in the dirt and study for many hours on this site. There is a reason prop.65 was established, to let people know that they are at risk of exposure to cancer causing chemicals and have to choice as to how they will act on the information, and you are asking to have the Chevron superfund site be taken off a list that would give people some sort of warning as to what they are getting into, sorry I cannot be part of that kind of deceit.
Our committee left our last meeting with the understanding that solar was what was going to be installed on the superfund site so the least amount of personal would be exposed and the least amount of issues would impact the neighbors. I figured it was a win-win since they could get a good pat on the back for going in a green direction, nope it appears that is not the ultimate plan after all. The Fillmore works web site states that solar is the best option “for now”. In the email letter I received from Monte and from Leslie this next section is what led me to this conclusion, “waiting until the entire site is eligible for delisting can be a barrier to productive uses that benefit communities because of the “stigma” associated with superfund sites”.
Again, I do not support the partial removal from the superfund list, they need to live with the “stigma “of being a superfund site because contamination of water and soil and air IS a reality of the oil manufacturing business. Own it.
Thank you for allowing me to give my input as a committee stakeholder, homeowner and community member on this Chevron superfund site issue also known as PCPL.
Kathy Pace


Letters to the Editor
February 8, 2017

To the Editor:
We would like to thank the Lions Club, Fillmore Women’s Service Club and Soroptomist International for their continued support of the arts programs at Fillmore High School. Their generous donations to the upcoming March Arts show will allow us to continue putting on this event. On behalf of the Visual and Performing Arts Department at Fillmore High School, thank you!
Rosalind Mitzenmacher
Fillmore High School
Visual & Performing Arts Dept. Chair


To the Editor:
“Do you want to buy a bag?”
I am seventy-five years old and for my entire lifetime when I went to a store and purchased merchandise I was given a paper bag in which to carry the items home. There was never a charge for the bag. Then came along the plastic bag and one had a choice between paper or plastic and still no charge. Eventually it went to almost all plastic bags and, as always, no charge. But all of that changed recently by a law which environmentalists said was crucial to reducing litter and ocean pollution. It prohibits grocery stores, large retail stores with a pharmacy, convenience stores, food marts, liquor stores, and any other stores that choose to comply with the law from providing free single-use carryout bags. The operative word here is “free”. There is no ban on plastic bags that the customer pays for.
A paper bag takes approximately a month to decompose and it takes as much as twenty years for a plastic bag to decompose and therefore the ecology activists concluded that the solution to the problem was to ban the use of single use plastic bags. A quick look will tell that the purchased plastic bags are much thicker than the single use bags and must take significantly more time to decompose. In passing the law environmentalists were assured of no opposition from the retailers because those retailers now were able to make a profit on the items that their customers historically received free of cost. Henceforth, customers get two choices: either buy a plastic bag or a paper bag from the store or bring their own bag from home.
The culprit that apparently needs to be banned is plastic. But somehow the activists have concluded that only single use plastic bags should be banned. As I walked through our local supermarket I looked carefully at the items for sale that are made of plastic or sealed in plastic containers. The first thing I came across was a loaf of bread which was wrapped in plastic. Many of the bakery items are sold in plastic containers. The items on the meat counter, yes, contained in plastic. The milk and bottled water were also in plastic containers. The single use bags inside the breakfast cereal boxes are plastic. Butter, margarine, yogurt, cottage cheese - the list goes on and on. And the non-food items sold the like Pampers, laundry and dish washing soap, bleach, mouthwash, tooth brushes, shoe polish, vitamins and skin lotion – need I continue. If we put up with this what will those activists go after next?
And probably even a bigger “why” is why don’t the stores in question just go back to paper bags at no charge like it’s been for over a hundred years?
Tom Pedersen


Letters to the Editor
January 26, 2017

To the Editor:
I received our edition of the paper yesterday and I have been reading the letter regarding the legalization of marijuana, or rather the much protested letter to NOT legalize marijuana.
Each to his own opinion, however, I want to say that no one asked me and I highly resent someone speaking for me.
This how I see this problem. Marijuana has been around since the beginning of time. Down through the centuries many people have used this herb for medicinal purposes, it has been used in rope, sandals and clothing. If pioneers, native americans, and those who lived during the witch trials, would know that marijuana is an herb and along with this particular herb others were used in medicinal purposes and I am sure they were used for other things as well.
We have many laws and as each one is passed, they add up. To my knowledge, as a county, and for the city of Fillmore, my guess is that we do not have the man power to cover all those laws including the one for marijuana. As I said, it's medicinal properties have been proven time and again for those who suffer tremendously in pain with several types of cancer. My guess would be that those who put the letter together, when one of theirs are in such pain, that they would look into anything that would ease their loved ones suffering.
I do not appreciate anyone speaking for me, because no one asked for my opinion on this and as for a business venture involving marijuana, for those interested, GO FOR IT.
Personally, everything mentioned in the letter I do not agree with it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, legalizing marijuana is not the end of the world, and those who need it, can purchase it without fear that they will be arrested for the possession of it.
For the representatives of Safeguard Fillmore, speak only for those that agree with you. I DO NOT!!
Thank You
Toni Techau


Letters to the Editor
January 19, 2017

To the Editor:
Marijuana Alert Fact: Fillmore is the only city in the county that voted AGAINST legalizing marijuana in November. We may be the only city in the state to have a proclamation delivered by our school board and read aloud at a council meeting by our Superintendent of Schools that enumerated the ways legalization can harm schoolchildren. Keep in mind that marijuana is still illegal at the federal level.
We’ve also had the Ventura County D.A., County Sheriff and Fillmore Police Chief warn our City Council of the dangerous consequences that go along with the legalization of marijuana. Specifically, DA. Greg Totten wrote a letter encouraging our City Council to enact regulations prohibiting both medical and commercial marijuana industries in our city.
In spite of these dire warnings, our City Council and City Manager are considering going forward with some sort of marijuana industry in the Business Park. Really?! Hasn’t it been made abundantly clear that WE DO NOT WANT THIS?
When hundreds of citizens showed up at a council meeting in the Fall to say, “Not in our town!” city officials were notified. How about when over 1,000 people signed a petition saying the same thing? A clear message is being sent that we, the people, want our city to enact strong ordinances banning every aspect of the marijuana industry in our town. Numerous cities in California have already enacted bans, moratoriums and ordinances as Prop. 64 gives each city the right to refuse involvement in the marijuana industry. We will be supplying of some of these bans to our City Council with a recommendation to model Fillmore’s ban after the city of Upland’s.
In an editorial she wrote on December 8th in the Fillmore Gazette, Regina Stehly Nunez states, “It sure looks like City Hall is diving into another sewer of filth just to pay for a boondoggle sewer plant that they (a previous council ) voted for.” We who love Fillmore cannot accept another horrific decision that would so negatively impact us.
People of Fillmore, we need to redouble our efforts with renewed vigor to ensure that our precious community is protected from the gross damages that accompany the marijuana industry. All are invited to the next Safeguard Fillmore meeting Thursday, Jan. 19th, from 6 7 p.m. at St. Francis Church. Even more importantly, please join us with your support as we again share our community’s stance and determination at the next City Council meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 24th at 6:30 at City Hall. Thank you!
Annette Sula
Lynne Brooks
Representing Safeguard Fillmore
Jan. 16, 2017


Letters to the Editor
January 12, 2017

To the Editor:
Re: New Four-Way Stop at First and A Streets
First, I would like to commend the City Public Works Agency, Planning Commission, and all involved in this much needed Traffic Remedy. I’m quite sure it takes Time, Funding, Planning, and Studies to justify this New Traffic Device Installation. I am also confident that the Project falls within MUTCD Compliance. Anyway, I would like to shift focus on another area of MUCH NEEDED ATTENTION- Santa Clara St. This stretch of Roadway, between the Sections of A and B Streets, has become a VERY CONGESTED “Racetrack”, where dumb-ass Drivers like to haul-ass from the Sespe Saloon “Sports Bar”, Westward toward B Street. It is a daily Pain In The Ass! Many Children walk to and from School, they play outside, pedestrians walk to Local Stores, etc. Personally, on MY level, I almost lost the Life of my Best Friend- getting out of his own parked vehicle (driver-side), his body thrown 40+ feet away, car totaled- all in front of my house. It only indicates that he was racing down the Street and gunning it. To this Day, the Driver has not been located and dealt with. He left his Car running so he can run away from the scene of the accident. It might have been one of the dignified “Citizens” that venture to the “Sports Bar”. That was in latter 2007.
2017, nothing has been done to Remedy this highly traveled thoroughfare. What will it take? Will it actually take a Fatality (GOD FORBID)? A multi-vehicle pile-up? It doesn’t make sense. Is it possible to install Speed-Bumps along this corridor? All it takes is some consideration from our City Officials, Public Works Agency, etc.. Seriously, SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!
Thank You,
Bobby C.
Santa Clara St Resident

Letters to the Editor
January 05, 2017

To the Editor:
It is with a heavy heart I am selling my electric car (grad nite live). I can’t drive any more so it sits. It needs some TLC and batteries. I drove 10,000 miles since 2002 and never left Fillmore. It will be nice to see my GEM out and about in Fillmore again. Thanks for waving at me all those years.
Mrs. Chaney

Letters to the Editor
December 22, 2016

To the Editor:
The letter below was sent to me to express a resident’s appreciation for our deputies that serve our community on a daily basis. I received her permission to share it with the community. This is another example of the positive daily work our officers do to improve the quality of life in our community. With all of the confrontation that is taking place in our world; it is nice to know you can make a positive difference if you take the time to treat each other like family. During this season of sharing, I am very grateful to lead and share in their mission to protect and serve all of Fillmore and the Santa Clara Valley.
Happy Holidays,
Fillmore Police Chief, Dave Wareham

[Letter to Fillmore Sheriff’s Department]
I would like to take a minute to thank two special Deputy's for the way they handled a situation last month. Both Deputy Graybill and Deputy Bautista were called to assist in some questioning with 2 of my children at the station. It was pretty late in the evening and words cannot express how appreciative I am that my children were able to get to know police officers on more of a personal level.
What could have been a bad memory of sitting and waiting for hours, was actually turned into some positive communicating time! My children, Heaven & Enoch Aparicio left with such a positive outlook all because these two Deputy's took the time to not only listen, but they also opened up, sharing some things that helped my kids realize even "police officers" can come from "difficult" backgrounds. This was great as it helped reiterate things I try to teach them... That OUR life is what WE make of it! WE ALL have a "story" but it is up to US to create the ending WE want!
Deputy Bautista had conducted his questioning with care and even shared with my kids how he also had a stepdad, which wasn't always easy... Something that helped them relate to each other created great comfort and it also helped my son have a different outlook on cops, as all too often they appear to be emotionally distant and rarely open up or share stories with kids. This had a tremendously positive effect and I'd like to thank him for being able to step out of the cop mentality at the right time and appear as another human, someone with whom he could relate to for the time being. Also, there were two instances before when Deputy Bautista helped my brother with a child custody/visitation situation, where he again, took the time to explain and offer great advice and did not stereotype him due to his past. This was something my brother greatly appreciated as he has never gotten to see the other side of a cop, which I feel helped him open up to a new world of respect for Officers.
Deputy Graybill went above and beyond our expectations of ANY police officer. She sat there getting to know us all and helped keep everyone's minds busy and at ease with her conversations. I can honestly say after a good 3 hours around her, I find her to be very sincere in what she does. I learned from her and my son Enoch, about a time that all the kids STILL talk about. One day she went by the skatepark and jokingly jumped on a skateboard with no wheels pretending to ride it! To this day, my son still talks about it. Something so simple went a long way because it helped the kids out here see a different side of cops, a side they like and respect more! Simple things, like kids getting to know the other side of a cop (their personality) I believe helps make a huge difference later as they grow up in this small town. Deputy Graybill also shared a very special story... A personal story about her "broken shoe" when she was young, and how embarrassed she was when her shoe broke at school because the glue did not hold it together. She shared with us, how she promised herself that one day she would be able to purchase as many shoes as she wanted, after being so embarressed. Well, little did she know, this was something we can relate too and this helped my kids see that we are not the only ones who have struggled financially. It helped them see that they too have a choice to be the change and it is up to them to make their minds up and utilize it in a positive way. Creating our path to success is up to us, and I am so thankful she also took the time to help, encourage, motivate, and get to know my children as we all appreciated her time with us. Lastly, Deputy Graybill went above and beyond by offering food to my children and I, as she knew being there for hours had given them an appetite. She was so generous to offer and pay for the food as I didn't have any money on me. That sincere gesture went a long way as she didn't have to do that, it says a lot about her. My kids were very well taken care of with her in our presence and I appreciate that.
All too often people only take the time to complain. I want to take the time to let the Fillmore Sheriffs Dept. know you have some great new additions to your force. It's people like these two, who really make a difference helping mold lives of the future.
Thank you for your time,
Naomi Qualls


To the Editor:
Merry Christmas Fillmore! The trees downtown have finally arrived, fewer and not exactly pine trees – but they arrived! Between tree mix-ups, deaths, record rains and wicked winds…it was doubtful! But the Christmas tree tradition was going to return – no matter what came at us…Thanks to all who trekked down to add their bit of joy to the trees for our blesses town!
Regina Stehly

Letters to the Editor
December 15, 2016

[extracted part of letter] To the Editor:
I wanted you to know continued activities I am working with Cal Trans. While the stop light at Mountain View is a wonderful upgrade for Fillmore, it is only the beginning of providing safety for our City, and particularly our school children and elderly. They, walk the path from the El Dorado Mobil home park to school and shopping. There are 302 homes in the park and roughly 1400 people living here. We depend on being able to safely walk or drive out of this residential area.
There are no sidewalks or other recognized safe passage routes for these people to rely on.
My quest is to get Cal Trans to provide additional traffic flow speed/controls between Pole Creek and our eastern border, the rail road tracks. What ever means they may have at their disposal is a plus from this present day situation.
I can not understand frankly why this is given silent treatment by our Fillmore residents, City government, and our local police department. May be, unless you live at this end of Fillmore it is not a priority.
I know there are some who have been residents since birth; apparently they are used to uncontrolled speed in this area. The good ole days ended when the city authorized the school and the major home development going on south of Hwy 126. Adding to the increase of our own city/contribution, there is significant traffic volume from Santa Clarita through our City. Something other than potential death of a person must be the criteria for safety protocols to be observed and implemented.
Raymond Brown Sr.


To the Editor:
I was breezing through your usually humorous editorials today for some laughs and noticed that, perhaps in your excitable state, must have overlooked that the marijuana proposition that passed in California is #64, not as you write twice 65. Maybe your age is creeping up on you...
Also, your comments on Mitt were so interesting, but his name is spelled Mitt, not as you wrote- Mit. Maybe you were just placing little teasers for us to notice??
An old adage comes to mind when I read your editorials about politics. When it comes to left wing politics in California, I say to you "Love it or leave it". If you remember a number of years ago, Republicans were powerful in California. Then it became popular to bash the immigrants of the time. The then-governor tried to change the policies, and the electorate threw out the Republicans on a grand scale. The state has been Democratic since, much to your lament.
You should hope this doesn't happen on a national or international scale, as your Pres.-elect is on a course to do.
And I suppose you fail to appreciate the tenant of the separation of church and state, an idea this country was founded on, when you rail against a legal provision designed to keep church leaders from political preaching to the congregation. You seem to forget the immigrants that came here from the old countries, many to escape religious persecution. Perhaps you should check your facts before attempting to give us your wisdom in "Realities"
[letter was submitted by un-signed email author]

Response to un-signed letter to editor.
Amazing how bold some letter writers can be, especially when they shy away from signing their names. Usually we don't print anonymous letters without special circumstances. But I can't resist this one.
I'm glad you find my editorials humorous. Humor is good. And I'm glad that you are a regular reader. We will try to keep you entertained, especially during the holiday season.
Age is indeed a factor in some of my editorial; I've been doing this for 30 years and I certainly do get weary sometimes. I addressed this factor and the incorrect Proposition number a while back. It was corrected on line.
But I make no apologies for my criticism of California's Leftist-liberal condition. Being a fourth generation, with fifth generation kids, from the state, I have a clear view of what has happened in California. "Love it or leave it"? Truly I would leave but for long-time commitments.
I have no time today to comment of the state of the Democrat Party. It has withered away, except in places like California and New York. And I must tell you I revel in learning of the nearly two BILLION dollars lost in the effort to push Hillary Clinton into the White House. All lost, together with the seven tons of fireworks placed on the dock in New York - never to go bang. As I said a week or two ago - Yippy! The State of California will soon disintegrate by spontaneously combusting in the pile of radical-liberal policies the Democrat Party has concocted.
You have no understanding of the so-called "separation of church and state" clause. The Founding Fathers were clearly rejecting the establishment of a national church - as England has to this day, which is supported by taxes from her subjects. Wish I had more time for this. Our First Amendment trumps any freakish, so-called "Johnson Amendment". Churches must speak out to abide by our Founders plan - and GOD'S.
Later - no more time.
Martin Farrell
The Fillmore Gazette

Letters to the Editor
December 8, 2016

To the Editor:
Wow! Am I reading the Star correctly? And I quote our City Manager Mr. Rowlands: the vote "tells me the community is open to the possibility of cultivation and taxation of marijuana...the thing with Proposition 64 is it has to do with recreational use. They're saying they are comfortable with the medical side, but they do have concerns about the recreational side"
Let's be clear on this issue of 'medical use' marijuana that our Mr. Rowlands wants to tax- there are only a few strains of pot that are cultivated without the 'high' associated with it, and there are few growers out there that are making a profit. For the rest of the 'medical pot' there is currently no verifiable standard of the THC content on every portion that is sold. It is the majority of pot strains, that comes to the user at seven times the strength it was in my youth, that is the pot that is mainly sold as 'medicine' to card holders. All medical pharmaceuticals, without exceptions, are required to identify what their product contains but currently there is no verifiable standard of the THC content, let alone any other chemicals, in every portion of 'medical pot' that is sold. Ask any hospital doctor/nurse how they could justify giving something which they don't have a clue its strength or purity.
And all these financial transactions for medical pot? There are no paper trails because it is an all cash industry- that makes it an industry rife with corruption and crime....so, actually Mr. Rowlands, neither the government nor we in Fillmore are 'comfortable' as you say, with the way medical pot is handled in our communities- because it can be so easily abused.
But now after the State vote we are contending with the recreational aspect of pot (and even in the most fundamental of ways, like just how police will get high drivers off the road, since there is no standard in place for this DUI?) And that our city hall thinks it has figured out what the federal, state, county and city governmental bodies, police, medical establishment and each and every family that has been affected by marijuana has not....well, it is the ultimate hubris on our City Hall's part. Our state is now in a panic over how to implement something that will cause so many societal issues- just do a random check on the internet to what is happening in the states of Washington and Colorado when it comes to spiraling crime, overdoses and addiction rates and disfuntion in the communities there.
We can throw up our arms and give up with the reality that recreational pot is now legal in California...(heh, might as well get some tax loot out of what is now ok to have in our homes!) But we all know what this tax on pot money represents. Each community still has the right to refuse to deal in the pot industry, even after Prop 64. We can, and I pray will, join the many other communities and counties that refuse to join the gravy train in the pro-pot states, because it is simply the right thing to do...as one neighbor said the other day, 'it sure looks like City Hall is diving into a another sewer of filth just to pay for a boondoggle sewer plant that they voted for'...folks, we are so much better then this!
And let's be clear about that vote put to our town that the city manager pointed to as evidence of our wanting pot was so vaguely written that one felt like it was a 'do it or lose it' issue we were voting on...and as for the State Proposition 64, well, there was no city in the county had a higher percentage then Fillmore AGAINST bringing pot production and distribution to our backyard. I just don't get where our City Hall comes to the conclusion that the citizens are for involving our town in the pot industry, but I do see so much evidence that there is an agenda at City Hall to cash in on the almighty tax potential. Let me point out, yet again, what the citizens of Fillmore are saying and doing about the issue of marijuana.
This is the town that pulled together a 'Safeguard Fillmore Group' overnight when it found that the various people who work for our City Hall wanted to push it at a city meeting(such a huge decision and it was quietly being moved along as if it were voting on what day to pick up the trash!)
Fillmore is the town that brought out HUNDREDS of its citizens against any pot industry in our community after word got out what was up for city council vote. The city of Upland, with a population of over 75,000, had 35 people come out against it at their city meeting. That city then drew up what are considered some of the tightest regulations on marijuana to protect its citizens. We had close to 300 family and neighbors at our city meeting, yet we are still trying to get our voice heard in our City Hall.
Our town's police chief and sheriffs stood up against it repeatedly.
The School Board, Teachers and Superintendent of our schools came forward with a powerful Proclamation by the entire district in opposition of the direction our town was taking on marijuana.
Pastors from half a dozen churches and their congregations stood to say 'not in our town!'.
I don't know, but it sure seems like this is a town that is deffinity NOT pro-pot...so what is it City Manager Mr. Rowlands? Either you folks there have your own agenda, or you are listening to the citizens of Fillmore...it sure leaves me questioning what is going on in our city hall...
Like I wonder if maybe it is the boatloads of pot money that is just too enticing...but meanwhile we in Fillmore will live with the consequences that have been experienced in every community that has gone the way of pot legalization for years to come. But if you really were trying to cash in on the taxes, why only 15% tax rate?... even the city Santa Ana has set a 22% rate- unless you want to advertise Fillmore as the 'golden tax haven' for the pot industry-and just one hour above the Los Angeles market!
I also wonder how you thought that this agenda is a slam dunk in our town for you at city hall? Is it because we are considered 'easy'? At the Safeguard Meeting when you were asked why you thought Fillmore was being targeted by the pot growers, you said it was because our population was the low educated and one of the lowest socio- economic class communities...besides being amazingly condescending of our community, it was also just plain false...if you had taken the time to look at the cross section of our community at the Safeguard Fillmore meeting you would have been made aware it is real families of every stripe and color that oppose the agenda you are pushing on us. And if you would have taken the time to listen to the 'uneducated poor' of our community you will find, that of all the classes, they are MOST against recreational because they know they are precisely the class that pays the highest price of pot's destructiveness.
If this last election cycle says anything at all, it is saying that the citizens of this great democracy of ours, no matter what party you voted, are just plain tired of dealing with a government that is unresponsive to our voices. And if democracy functions best at the community level, then I say we need to clean up our own backyards first.
I realize Mr. Rowlands was just hired on for another two years as City Manager, so it is my hope that our new City Council has the wisdom to see the truth and good for our community, regardless of the information source. And I hope our Mr. Rowlands can step back from his current agenda which has all the hallmarks of using the pot tax as a panacea for our budget woes. Do the hard, but real, work of finding better ways to sustain a community then a addictive, corrosive and damning vehicle like pot.
I always told my classroom students that to carry a public servant office is a great responsibility and a noble calling. I ask you Mr. Rowlands and Council, please, as a true public servants for the citizens of this blessed community of Fillmore, listen to the voice of your constituents...And we are saying that if it is truly medical marijuana we are talking about, not THC pot, then Fillmore would be the first to stand by the needy. But please end this charade of the 'medical cards'- because we all know the vast majority of pot is used for the addictive high. Now with the recreational pot allowed in California, we ask that our city leaders do everything they can to of keep it out. Every community has the right to refuse involvement in the pot industry, even post-Proposition 64, whether it is the growing, distribution or selling. We ask our City Hall to join all the communities that have stood up and said "not in our town" ...and that includes the tax bonanza that goes along with this industry...because there is no amount of money worth yet another family losing a child to addiction and crime.
Regina Stehly Nunez


To the Editor:
Access to Sespe Creek and Fillmore hiking
I was deeply saddened to learn that they have fenced off the end of Grand Avenue near Fillmore, where I have been accessing the Sespe Creek to hike to Devil's Gate for many years.
Other cities, such as Ojai, have more hiking trails every year. But each year Fillmore has fewer places where people can walk in our natural areas. Now there are practically none.
Decades ago, people used to be able to hike up Pole Creek or to the top of San Cayetano Mountain, for which a local school is named. But now, private property blocks the access to the Los Padres National Forest from these areas.
The Tar Creek area in the Sespe Condor Sanctuary is also closed, due to the trash people were leaving in Tar Creek and the hazard it poses to the condors. This closure I understand, but it is one more area not accessible anymore.
Another area I used to hike was up Santa Paula Peak, where the owners of Diamond Ranch kindly let us walk through their property in Timber Canyon. But since the ranch was sold a couple of years ago, the new owners will not allow access anymore to this spectacular hiking trail.
The one place left to hike near Fillmore is the Dough Flat trailhead, which is closed in the winter and spring, and is a 45 minute drive from Fillmore.
We can see the mountains that surround our town, but we can't get to them.
Teresa Norris
Fillmore resident

Letters to the Editor
December 1, 2016

To the Editor:
Here is a quote from an article about prop 64:
"Editors Opinion: The Gazette believes the approval of Proposition 64 will prove to have a horrendous negative effect upon our school children and upon the health and safety of our citizenry, young and old. These effects will prove to be uncontrollable."
This is like saying alcohol after the prohibition will have a negative effect on our children.
Marijuana has never killed a single person and yet is still villainized by people who have been fed bullshit from the government for 40 years.
I have used cannabis since I was 16 to help cope with stress and anxiety. It only will have a negative affect on people if they allow it to.
I served in the Army for 5 years and went to Iraq for a year while in service. I have come back and am contributing to society by being a productive member and following laws.
The fact that you do not see the positive aspects of this plant shows how truly lost you are as an editor.
I wish this city would be more progressive but unfortunately I think I may have moved to the wrong one of the citizens share your outdated view.
Maybe you should do some research before running a slam piece but I guess you guys are as credible as CNN when they tell you it is illegal to look at the wikileaks documents.
Good luck with your journalism but maybe hire a new editor with the integrity to be unbiased.
C Mac


From "C Mac" "Your editor is an idiot."
Dear Mr. Mac,
Thank you for the letter. I appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to some facts.
First, I wouldn't deny that "...alcohol after the prohibition [would] have negative effects on our children." It certainly had negative effects on this man when he was a child. No other substance had such a serious, destructive influence in my life. But anyone can search and discover similar negative effects of alcohol on millions of youth, in terms of death, disease, and cultural chaos - in the millions.
Second, in your words, "villainization" of marijuana is not government "bullshit", it derives from long-term scientific studies, which show serious brain damage (especially to youth) of marijuana use. Marijuana smoke is more toxic than cigarette smoke. Educate yourself, if all those years of marijuana use have not rendered your brain too foggy.
Third, I salute you for your service. I was also in the Army for 3 years; never saw combat so don't consider myself a vet. We trained very hard in special places for a war that didn't come until after my service. If your use of marijuana is related to service injuries that's fine with me, and I'm glad you're a productive, law-abiding citizen. You are apparently the exception to the rule. Most heavy pot users over long duration suffer significant mental and physical damage. Let's keep it away from our youth. It is most definitely a gateway drug which inspires failure, dependence, and an incessant.
Fourth, many readers over the years consider me a "lost editor;" sounds like the beginnings of a good novel. But this limitation has never caused me to confuse pot with anything remotely related to any "positive aspects" of the plant. Except for proper medical uses (and there are some) marijuana is a complete dead end for otherwise normal people.
Fifth, No, no, Mr. Mac, facts are never "outdated." I thank God that Fillmore is not a "progressive" city. Hillary is progressive, and where did that take her? Our city rejected Prop. 64 because we know what an outrageous insult its commercial introduction would be to so many young minds. That's just old-fashioned, conservative, God fearing, Judeo-Christian, common sense. Besides, pot attracts crime like Hillary attracts lies.
Sixth, "Maybe [I] should do some research...". I took that advise years ago, Mac. I challenge you to show me scientific evidence that marijuana is healthy, for anyone - ever.
Seventh, I'm not really the editor, Mac. I'm just the publisher. The piece you refer to was on the opinion page. It was an editorial. I'll bet you a subscription to the Fillmore Gazette if you can find an unbiased political editorial for me that's worth its weight in newsprint. If opinions were all unbiased there would be nothing useful to read.
I thank you for taking the time to express your own unbiased opinion.
Martin Farrell
The Fillmore Gazette


To the Editor:
In response to letter to the Editor on Thursday November 24, 2016,
First off, Thank You for your service to our country, without you we would not be "The Land of the Free because of the Brave", I salute you.
Secondly, I think it is "bullshit" that you move to our little town with our old school values and want to change it. Maybe you should go back to your big city and take all of your big city values with you.
No one is saying that medical marijuana is not needed, maybe it is, but that is total bullshit that you have smoked it since you were age 16 for stress and anxiety, that Doctor should have his license revoked for giving a 16 year old a prescription for "medical marijuana". This little town has seen it's share of tragedy due to alcohol and yes drug use including marijuana. For anyone to say its not addicting, again bullshit. I have seen it first hand as have many residents of our small town and it does lead to other drugs.
The citizens of this town don't want it here and that is our right to say so as it is your right to want it but leave the Editor out of it, he is reporting the news.

Letters to the Editor
November 24, 2016

To the Editor:
Your an idiot.
Here is a quote from an article about prop 64:
"Editors Opinion: The Gazette believes the approval of Proposition 64 will prove to have a horrendous negative effect upon our school children and upon the health and safety of our citizenry, young and old. These effects will prove to be uncontrollable."
This is like saying alcohol after the prohibition will have a negative effect on our children.
Marijuana has never killed a single person and yet is still villainized by people who have been fed bullshit from the government for 40 years.
I have used cannabis since I was 16 to help cope with stress and anxiety. It only will have a negative affect on people if they allow it to.
I served in the Army for 5 years and went to Iraq for a year while in service. I have come back and am contributing to society by being a productive member and following laws.
The fact that you do not see the positive aspects of this plant shows how truly lost you are as an editor.
I wish this city would be more progressive but unfortunately I think I may have moved to the wrong one of the citizens share your outdated view.
Maybe you should do some research before running a slam piece but I guess you guys are as credible as CNN when they tell you it is illegal to look at the WikiLeaks documents.
Good luck with your journalism but maybe hire a new editor with the integrity to be unbiased.
C Mac

Letters to the Editor
November 10, 2016

To the Editor:
This letter is in response to the letter that you published on October 27, 2016, from Todd Shuman of Camarillo.
Carla Castilla is a liar. She has been voting from one district while living in another. THAT’S illegal. If the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office wants to cover that up and decline to prosecute her, it doesn’t change anything. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, chances are pretty good, that it’s a duck. Isn’t it enough that we have to put up with a different set of legal rules from law enforcement agencies for politicians on a national level ?
Mr. Shuman listed several points that I would like to address. He states that Carla Castilla supports SOAR. Well, people that own farms and ranches don’t support SOAR, because they don’t want politicians telling them what to do with their property, and its nobody else’s business what they do with it. He states that Kelly Long is not opposed to the Mission Rock Power Plant. Well neither are any of the rest of us that have enough sense to know that, that project means jobs for the County of Ventura. Mr. Shuman also states that we need a candidate whose actions match her words. He may have got that one right, because Carla Castilla lived in one district, and voted in another, and when asked about it, declined to let the Ventura Newspaper actually see the results ! It’s pretty clear that her actions match her words. Finally, I would like to point out something to Mr. Shuman. The east end of Ventura County has been supported by Agriculture, and Oil, for the last 70 years (Piru, Fillmore, Santa Paula). He might want to check and see where most of the people that live in these good towns have worked for the last 70 years before he makes comments like he made.
Finally, Carla Castilla was trained by Hannah Beth Jackson, from Santa Barbara. Well Mr. Shuman, this isn’t Santa Barbara County. This is Ventura County. Maybe you’d be better served by living in San Francisco, or Santa Barbara, cause the people that live on this end of the county have heard “ducks” fart underwater before. If you want to kiss liberal backside, go ahead ! Just don’t use our lips to do it.
Lum F. Giles, Santa Paula, California


Letter to the Editor:
On behalf of Soroptimist International of Fillmore, I would like to thank all of the volunteers and participants in our first “Dogs on Parade” Halloween Dog Costume Contest. Our “howlin’ good” judges were Councilman Manny Minjares and Police Chief Dave Wareham, who put a “paw up” for the event. Our “dog gone good” Ventura County Sheriff Explorers from Fillmore not only help set up and tear down, but also sold refreshments for all to partake. Donations from AM Pet, Fillmore Rentals and Marie Wren were greatly appreciated. The best part of the event was the furry friends that entered the contest. We had none other than Pebbles and Bamm Bamm from the Flintstones, Boo, the Frog and the Princess, and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Each one was adorable and a winner.
A “barkin’” good time was had by all.
Thank you.
Jane David, President
Soroptimist International of Fillmore

Letters to the Editor
November 3, 2016

To the Editor:
When the SOAR organization began its renewal effort three years ago, our focus was on renewing one of the strongest sprawl prevention measures in the nation which is set to expire in 2020. However this is no longer just an effort to renew SOAR, this is a battle for the life of SOAR. The developers and large landowners who fought the approval of SOAR in 1998 are back again and this time their attack is in the form of a completing initiative. If their Measure F wins, SOAR will come to an end the day after the election, and thousands of acres of open space and farmland will no longer be protected by SOAR. We know there is nothing more effective that Fillmore residents can do to protect the quality of life for themselves and future generations than to approve SOAR. Vote Yes on Measures A and C and No on Measure F and W to preserve the Last Best Small Town in America!
Brian Brennan


To the Editor:
I have been honored to serve as your Third District Supervisor, and am proud to have earned the trust of those I have had the privilege to represent for the last 20 years. I believe that trust, respect and integrity is built with hardwork, mutual respect, and a commitment to the health, safety and welfare of all residents of Ventura County. There is only one candidate who is qualified to serve as your next Supervisor: Carla Castilla. I trust the experience, goodness, and leadership that Carla Castilla will bring to the job of County Supervisor.
The Third District is the most diverse District on the Ventura County Board of Supervisors, and includes interests in agriculture, the environment, coastal resources, tourism, Naval Base Ventura County, as well as five cities and unincorporated areas. I trust that Carla Castilla will effectively use the 16 years of experience she gained while working for and with Congressional and State leaders. Carla will ensure our county retains the quality of life we have strived for the last two decades—a healthy environment, safe communities and strong economy.
Carla Castilla is proud of her heritage, culture, and family. Her roots in Ventura County are deep. Carla is a home grown success story, the first in her family to attend college. She is completely genuine and has earned the support of working families, teachers, and nurses. I proudly stand with my endorsement of Carla Castilla along with Congresswomen Julia Brownley and Lois Capps, Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, Senator Fran Pavley, Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin, Supervisors’ Steve Bennett, John Zaragoza, and Linda Parks, and the men and women of the Sheriff’s Association and Firefighter’s Association.
You’ve trusted me to represent you for 20 years, and I ask you now to join with me and vote for Carla Castilla for Third District Supervisor on November 8th.

To the Editor:
Re: Questions about Measure V - The School Bond
Fillmore Unified School District Superintendent Palazuelos is trying to make a case for passage of Measure V, a $35 million general obligation bond. However, he doesn’t address many of the concerns that should accompany the request for such a large G.O. bond. First, how did the District arrive at the figure of $35 million? I assume a report was generated listing needed improvements. Were district employees directed to do it? How large of a wish-list was also included? Did qualified licensed professional engineers or licensed construction experts generate the report? Did a licensed structural engineer do the report? When a Wall Street Investment Bank underwrites a bond, it will put pressure on the issuing agency, in this case the school district, to do a bigger bond than necessary. The bigger the bond, the more fees and commissions are earned. Did this happen? $35 million is a lot of money.
The public has not been made aware of what is contained in the bond’s Official Statement, often incorrectly referred to as the prospectus. For example, what is the interest rate? What is the length of commitment? What fees are being paid by the District? etc. The governing document of the bond issue is called the Trust Indenture and it outlines the rules and responsibilities to which each must adhere. There always are loopholes in the Trust Indenture that permit shenanigans other than what the taxpayers expect. For example, Fillmore Unified could conceivably use some of the money to build a Taj Mahal of a district office. There is no assurance the bond funds will only be used to improve our schools and our students’ education.
There is no doubt that Fillmore schools need repair and upgrading. However, the past few years have seen many additions to the administrative staff to the point that teachers refer to the district office as the district “compound”. Ventura Unified School District with 17,500 students has about the same number of administrators in their district office as Fillmore has with less than 4,000 students.
It is also my understanding that administrators have attended expensive, out of state conferences. Why wasn’t most of this money used to do necessary maintenance on our sites? I regret that the public has little faith in money being used wisely. I further regret that I am compelled to vote “NO” on Measure V.
Mary Ford


Malibu Beach project delayed one year
The residents of Fillmore learned, almost too late, that hundreds of sand-filled trucks could be rumbling from the quarry at Grimes Canyon to Malibu's barren Long Beach. The project is designed to reestablish Long Beach's scoured shore. Grimes' sand would reestablish Malibu's beach.
The project is now delayed for a year because the proponent Malibu home owners forgot to do a sand test. Thank God.
This is the most preposterous and destructive proposition in California's history, except for the "bullet" train. One might think the plan was designed by Governor Jerry Brown. It is simply difficult to imagine that any such mountain to Mohammad scheme would be proposed by rational people, without massive opposition.
Imagine a stream of more than 100 tractor-trailers, fully loaded with sand, snaking down Grimes Canyon and bullying through Fillmore, down Highway 126 to Santa Paula, on to Ventura and Oxnard, to add its product to the reclamation efforts in Malibu - EVERY DAY FOR 10 YEARS! All to assuage the appetites of the political elite lounging on the beach that Mr. Magoo made famous.
What would the traffic on Grimes Canyon be like? How about in the City of Fillmore? What would happen to our roads? Let's stop this thing!
The whole plan is beyond preposterous. I wish I had the time today to do a full story on this. I promise to do so soon. The more I read of this proposal the more it stinks of the same kind of people Thomas Frank writes about this week, John Podesta's friends. Keep your powder dry - I'll be back with this soon.

Letters to the Editor
October 27, 2016

To the Editor:
If you live in Fillmore or Ventura County you have the unique privilege of being able to vote on developments that would sprawl into open space and farmland. Because SOAR, Save Open Space and Agricultural Resources, expires in 2020 one thousand Fillmore registered voters signed a petition to put Measure A on the November ballot to expand that privilege to 2050. However, there is a very good chance that it will fail and we lose that privilege in 2020.
This is why: The Fillmore City Council, as one of them suggested, thinks that only they can make good decisions about development. So they are trying to stop our right to vote by placing their own SOAR-like Measure G on the ballot.
You may wonder how that could work. It’s simple math; ballot measures need 50% plus one vote to win and the council knows that if enough people who like SOAR vote only for their measure then both measures will fail to exceed the 50% threshold needed to pass. The City Council wins and we all lose.
If you want to keep your right to vote on future development then you must vote YES on the original SOAR Measures A (Fillmore) and C (County) to avoid splitting the vote as the city council hopes will occur. SOAR is our best hope of not becoming just like Los Angeles and Orange County.
You can also help by getting involved. For informational material and/or yard signs please call me at 524-2028,
Bob Stroh
947 Santa Clara St.
Fillmore, CA 93015


To the Editor:
While there are many issues of concern in this year's election (health care, the economy, foreign policy, immigration policy, etc.), two issues should have overriding importance for the Christian voter. The first, that I'll address today, is abortion.
There has never been any doubt in the mind of Christ's Church that abortion is murder. The Didache, a 1st century summary of the Apostles' teaching used widely in the early Church, states, "You shall not abort." The canons of the Council of Ancyra (A.D. 314) state that not only are those who have an abortion guilty of murder, but those who support and enable abortion are guilty as well. Abortion is the willing, intentional murder of a child while in his mother's womb - a grievous sin in God's sight. It is a sin which, unless repented of, will keep one out of heaven, for, as John writes, "no murderer has eternal life." (1 John 3:15)
The good news is that God holds out His mercy to those who have had an abortion, and to those who support abortion "rights." If they repent and trust in Christ, God will forgive their sins, and cleanse them from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). God's mercy is greater than our sin.
The bad news is that those who refuse to repent and who knowingly support and enable abortion will face Christ's judgment - with the end, eternal misery in hell. (John 5:28-29; Revelation 21:8)
What is voting for candidates who support abortion rights, who use their political office to support and promote the murder of the unborn, but joining them in supporting and enabling abortion ourselves? In the early Church this was a sin that brought excommunication. It still is in the sight of God. What excuse could we give Christ at the Judgment when He demands to know why we helped murder the unborn by helping to put pro-abortion rights candidates in office? That the economy or our favorite immigration policy was more important than the life of the unborn? At which point Christ will say, "I never knew you. Depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness. Take him away and cast him into outer darkness; there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth " (Matthew 7:21, 22:13) The Christian should use his vote to promote what is good and right in the sight of God, not what is evil.
In this presidential election there are two major candidates from the two major political parties running. While neither is perfect, one party and one candidate support the life of the unborn, and one party and one candidate support the murder of the unborn. The Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton support the murder of the unborn. They call it supporting a woman's "right to choose" and "women's health." Does God give a woman the right to choose to kill the child in her womb? Is it supporting women's health to support the killing of unborn baby girls so that they never have the chance to become a woman? Thanks to politicians like President Obama and Hillary Clinton 60 million unborn American babies have never had the chance to live. How are you going to use your vote? To help enable the killing of millions more? Or to save the lives of the unborn? God is watching, and He knows full well how we vote.
Rev. Leslie R. Lanier


To the Editor:
Kelly Long’s platform on her official campaign website is deliberately misleading, just like her positions on the environment. Why? It is because she has major ties to Big Oil. (She has received $160,000 from the oil industry during the current supervisorial race!) She claims to be pro-environment, yet she is not supporting SOAR. She has not opposed the Mission Rock Power Plant in Santa Paula. My conclusion is that Kelly Long is a political puppet, telling us what her donors want us to hear. We cannot afford to be misled by such a politician in the future. We must vote for a candidate whose actions match her words. We must vote for a candidate who truly wants what is best for the people and the environment. Carla Castilla is that candidate. She will fight for us and the protection of the environment! I encourage you to vote for Carla Castilla for 3rd District County Supervisor.
Todd Shuman

Letters to the Editor
October 20, 2016

To the Editor:
Are you kidding me?
How wonderful it would be if the politicians were only joking and the propositions and people they are asking the voters to approve would not have continuing repercussions. Unfortunately these corrupt individuals are not kidding around. They are deceiving our citizens as well as other residents of our State and Nation. Deception must be recognized as being introduced by a deceiver and deceivers are influenced by demonic authority. What other explanation is possible for supposedly intelligent people continuing to do the same things and vote for the same representatives while expecting to get a different result? How much longer will people complain about laws that are being approved and the circumstances they are facing without making a radical change? The representatives who have been holding citizens captive to their own self-serving agendas must be removed from office. Hopefully there are a few who recognize that doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is a definition of insanity.
Hypocrisy is running rampant through the corrupt agencies of our governing officials and they are being allowed their seats of authority by deceived voters as well as others who are long deceased or not citizens of the United States. It has been well documented that this travesty has occurred in Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio as well as California.
Although the federal administration has attempted to ridicule the Bible and remove the authority contained within, don’t be fooled, God will not be laughed at or remain silent forever. He has warned that judgment will follow our ignoring His warnings. It is written that when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice and when the wicked have control the people groan. At this time a tremendous number are complaining and groaning. Like it or not, believe it or not, we are in a spiritual battle for the rule of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. There are at this time numerous individuals in the establishment, the United Nations, the liberal media, our courts of injustice and our administration who are adamant that the citizens of this United States become wards of an international court of law and single global dictator. Barack Obama unequivocally stated this in his supposedly final address to the United Nations.
Our citizens have been overcome by a sense of complacency and have allowed fraudulently elected officials to dictate the rules of combat through political correctness and the threat of being convicted for ‘hate speech’. A wise person once said that what we tolerate will eventually become our reality. We have tolerated the lies of government politicians and allowed them to go unchallenged. A perfect example of this is the Affordable Healthcare Act known as Obamacare. We were lied to about it’s affect on the populace, the small businesses and insurance companies. The bill was approved of entirely by the Democratic representatives in Congress without a single Republican vote. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid demanded the bill be ratified and then studied for content. Our representatives were so unsure of what they approved they took the precaution of maintaining the health care coverage they had before the bill took effect. This having been indicated, there are nearly as many corrupt and perverse Republicans in office as there are Demonic-rats.
The California electorate has been so snared in a web of deception for such a long time the Democrats feel assured their agendas will continually be affirmed. Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein have been reelected time after time and even Jerry Brown who had been defeated in the past for extremely poor judgment was once again elected as governor. Now he is condoning the release of repeated felons. He is even restoring to them the opportunity to vote. He is attempting to define or redefine the definition of a violent criminal. The effects of his decisions are being witnessed currently as there are several funerals being held for dedicated police officers. Arnold Schwarzenegger received much criticism for releasing one man, the son of a political crony, and rightly so. Governor Brown is releasing hundreds and the liberal media seems to be ignoring the issue. Ownership of weapons for personal and family defense is being threatened. The confiscation of guns has in the past in many countries been the precursor to dictatorial governments.
The Bible warns that the thief and father of lies comes only to rob, murder and destroy. This enemy of God and mankind is also identified as the accuser. Whether you believe he exists or not it matters very little. It has always been his course of action to cause people to bring accusations against others that they recognize in themselves. With much contempt and distain the liberal media is accusing Donald Trump of purported sexual improprieties that they themselves along with the Hollywood elite are guilty of on almost a daily basis.
Precisely because these captives of the deceiver have become demonic affiliates, they have no platform for improving the future of our citizens. Therefore they are making every attempt to insult the intelligence of voters by making this most important and critical election decided on issues of personality, accomplishments and failures other that the real issues that will ultimately decide our independence. The future of our sovereign nation, the United States of America is what is in jeopardy as well as that of Israel. God has promised to defend Israel as they have been previously judged and restored to their land. The leaders and the population inhabiting America have been warned and are rejecting the warnings. PLEASE consider for once voting the Christian principles of truth, a sound mind and justice for all. It may be difficult for us to accept but this may very well be our last opportunity as a free people to maintain the liberty we have enjoyed and restore a government ‘for and by the people’.
S. Mason


To the Editor:
In recent weeks several Letters to the Editor by Bob Stroh, contained blatantly wrong and misleading information regarding the City of Fillmore’s Measure G (CURB) and city council members.
Measure G - A “YES” vote on Measure G will extend the expiration date of the Fillmore City Urban Restriction Boundary (“CURB”) by ten years - through 2030. This will allow Fillmore to continue to enjoy the benefits of the CURB for ten more years - to protect agricultural uses of land and retain a small town atmosphere. In 2030, the City can review the CURB boundaries again and determine if the boundary is sufficient and can decided to extend the boundaries or CURB timeline again. It is difficult to accurately plan further into the future, such that, the Council believes, that limiting the extension of CURB to 2030 is an appropriate balance between preserving the benefits of the CURB and allowing Fillmore to adapt to changing economic circumstances and development needs.
Fillmore’s CURB is extending an already in place initiative, which SOAR supporters signed off on.
City Council – No City Council member is in the pocket of any developer as Mr. Stroh would like you to believe. These defamatory comments lack merit and are damaging to the City Council and the City as a whole. Everyone has a right to free speech; however, insinuating that the City Council is on the take is deplorable and not protected by the First Amendment.
Great strides have been made by this City Council over the past four years to fix the problems created by past city councils. Every resident of Fillmore should investigate for yourself to see who is actually behind the SOAR initiative in Fillmore and, when you do, ask yourself do I really want to follow these individuals?
David W. Rowlands, Fillmore City Manager

Letters to the Editor
October 13, 2016

To the Editor:
As Chancellor of the Ventura County Community College District and on behalf of the VCCCD Board of Trustees, we recommend and urge passage of "Proposition 55," the California Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare Initiative.
During the recent recession, the state cut more than $56 billion from education, healthcare, and other critical services. Public schools statewide experienced unprecedented funding reductions and apportionment deferrals. California public schools rank 42 out of the 50 states in per-pupil spending and they are among the most crowded in the nation. Many California school children come from low-income families that lack access to the health care services needed to keep these children in school and learning.
While the passage of Proposition 30 in 2012 provided an increased investment in California's K-14 school spending by allocating funds directly to K-12 and community college districts through the Education Protection Account, the revenue from Proposition 30 will decline after 2016 and will disappear completely after 2018. Proposition 55 would extend Proposition 30’s temporary income tax rates for the top 2% of earners through 2028.
Unless Californians extend Proposition 30's temporary tax increases, our public schools and community colleges will suffer significant budget cuts in the years ahead. The elimination of funds from the Education Protection Account would represent an estimated cut to California's community colleges of about $210 million annually.
The Ventura County Community College District joins K-14 school districts and community college districts around the state, and the Community College League of California in support of Proposition 55. We urge the legislature to work with the public education community to identify stable, long-term, adequate funding solutions for public schools and community colleges.
The District strongly recommends the passage of Proposition 55.
Bernie Luskin

Letters to the Editor
October 6, 2016

To the Editor:
Improving Fillmore Unified School District Schools
Measure V, a $35 million general obligation (G.O.) bond, will be on the November 8 ballot for Fillmore Unified School District voters. If approved, it will make it possible to improve, build, and rehabilitate schools and classrooms throughout the District to ensure that students receive the quality of education needed to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing world.
Measure V would authorize a range of facility improvements across the District, including upgrading and expanding career technical education facilities; repairing classrooms and schools built decades ago; upgrading wiring and electrical systems to accommodate modern technology; repairing and replacing outdated heating and air-conditioning systems, leaky roofs and plumbing; improving the Fillmore School Farm; and updating fire alarms and emergency communication systems to improve student safety.
The Fillmore Unified School District Board of Education placed Measure V on the ballot because State funding has fallen short of our children’s educational needs. Measure V will help address that problem by providing a source of locally controlled, affordable funds that cannot be taken by the State and spent elsewhere. School districts statewide commonly use G.O. bonds to make up for such State funding shortfalls. Like home loans, these bonds are typically repaid over a set period. Funds to repay G.O. bonds come from a tax on all taxable property in the District – residential, commercial and industrial.
Our community has been hit hard with budget cuts in previous years, which makes deciding on a fiscally responsible solution very important. The measure’s average tax rate is estimated to be $58.48 per $100,000 of assessed valuation per year or $4.87 per month. A property’s assessed valuation (determined by the County at the time it is sold or undergoes major renovations) is typically lower than its market value.
The District is dedicated to ensuring taxpayer funds are used responsibly. Local management of these funds ensures that we know how the money is spent. Measure V funds will be protected by an independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee that must review and audit all bond expenditures. By law, bond funds cannot be used to pay administrator salaries, pensions or benefits. Legal safeguards prohibit the State from taking these funds and spending them elsewhere. Measure V also makes the District eligible for State matching funds.
Dr. Adrian E. Palazuelos is Superintendent of the Fillmore Unified School District.


To the Editor:
Hello residents of Fillmore, Piru and Bardsdale. I currently serve as President of the Fillmore High Alumni Association. I am writing these comments as a citizen of Fillmore. They do not represent the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors or the Alumni Association as a whole. There is a Measure coming up on this November’s ballot that improves the High School Facilities. It’s called Measure V, and I fully support it. This coming Monday evening at 7:00pm there will be a tour of the Fillmore High School gym and industrial arts buildings. I am inviting all residents, and especially Fillmore High Alumni, to join me along with Superintendent Adrian Palazuelos on this tour. There is a need for upgrades to our Alma Mater, Fillmore High, and especially the gym and industrial arts area of the High School. I am anxious and excited to hear what is planned for this area of the High School, and at the same time, excited to take a walk down memory lane. For those of you who are alumni, I’m sure you remember the old Wood Shop, Ag, Metal, Printing, and Automotive shops. There is a need in this area for upgrades. As President of the Fillmore High Alumni Assn, I know the Scholarship committee has funds set aside to award students scholarship money who apply to and qualify for trade schools. In the past 5 or 6 years, not one student has applied for this type of scholarship. Maybe after Monday’s tour, we will have a better idea of why they don’t, and be able to see where we, as a community, can help make this possible for our Fillmore students. So join me this Monday, October 10th at 7:00pm for a walk down memory lane as we tour the Gym and the good ole Industrial Arts buildings. You can park in the old horse shoe or on First Street. The tour will begin in the Cafeteria. It should last about 30 to 45 minutes.
Mark Ortega ‘79

Letters to the Editor
September 1, 2016

To the Editor:
I would like to clarify some of the facts relating to the lawsuit between Fillmore Senior Center, Inc. vs. City of Fillmore. First, I’d like to say that the Star article repeatedly stated the City “evicted” the group from a city owned building. The City chose to not renew the lease so that the City could use the space to provide more programs for more groups of people – which the City has done. Also, the FSCI was given almost 8 months’ notice and allowed to finish their lease term.

Regarding the legal fees, the following is the statement I made to report out of closed session Tuesday night:

“The city council this evening authorized the seeking of the full amount of attorney's fees and costs from FSCI. FSCI filed this case against the taxpayers of Fillmore, knowing that the facts did not support the claims. Despite this mutually known fact, the city made several offers to FSCI in an attempt to resolve the case before trial. This would have allowed both parties to stop spending tax payer AND non-profit resources and efforts on this matter.”

“FSCI continually refused the cities settlements efforts and declined to even make counter offers. As a result, the city and its tax payers were forced to pay court costs and attorney's fees of approximately $78,000 to see this matter through trial. The city council would now like to see our taxpayers reimbursed rather than face reduced services as a result of the deferral of these general fund monies. “

FSCI filed a lawsuit alleging that the City did not give proper notice of the non-renewal of their lease. The judge found that the City of Fillmore complied with all applicable laws and the contract with FSCI.

The agreement between the City and FSCI authorizes the prevailing party in any dispute to collect its legal fees. This is a common clause in contracts. Accordingly, pursuant to this provision, the City Council has authorized staff to seek reimbursement of these fees from FSCI to make the taxpayers whole.
Thank you much,
Diane McCall, Mayor


To the Editor:
I just read Bob Crum's article about the County Fair. What a great job of showing and telling the stories of our young participants who raised their animals. I loved each interview with the kids - why they chose their animal, what they've learned about caring for the animal, what their plans were for next year and so on. Great lessons are learned from the experience. Thanks to all those adults - 4H leaders, teachers, and parents- who work with them.
Makes you proud of the next generation!
Sincerely, Susan M Cuttriss

Letters to the Editor
August 4, 2016

To the Editor:
In response to the many accusations made against Sespe Creek Collective by your publication and in recent public meetings, as the president of Sespe Creek Collective, I would like to set the record straight about the collectives' connection to an alleged marijuana greenhouse on Grand Avenue. Although Sespe Creek Collective was founded in Fillmore in 2010 and it has kept its Fillmore-based namesake, the collective has not maintained any cultivation or delivery operations in Fillmore since 2011. The collective has nothing to do with any cultivation activities on Grand Avenue nor any proposed cultivation complex and was unaware any such thing was being proposed until several citizens mentioned it at the special council meeting on July 25.
Sespe Creek Collective is registered with the State of California as an unincorporated association. Unlike corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies that you can verify the status online, you would need to contact the Secretary of State to confirm the status of an unincorporated association. Sespe Creek Collective members spend lots of time around Ventura County advocating for regulations and local permits like any other business, and advocating on behalf of patients in Fillmore that rely on cannabis as the medicine to enable them function at their best. Many of the collective's patient members are working adults or retired senior citizens that are too busy or too scared to speak out for themselves in a public forum. We have a solid reputation for upholding the laws, following best practices, and providing a valuable service to the community without causing any problems. We observe seriously ill people finding incredible relief from this medicine everyday and finding hope when modern pharmaceuticals have failed them. We continue to fight this fight because we believe our principles are right and just. We are not interested in selling cannabis to your children.
I understand why people make the mistake of assuming that it must be our collective operating the alleged grow in Fillmore. But I assure you, Sespe Creek Collective would never install a greenhouse with lights close to residences where people might be bothered by the light pollution or potential odors. I would not want to sleep next to a commercial greenhouse either. As a conscientious, not-for-profit collective, it is disheartening to be associated with unknown growers that cause residents grief. It is a shame that the public is so misinformed about who is cultivating in their own town.
It is the lack of sensible regulation in Fillmore that is creating a safe space for the underground market and ensuring its citizens are kept in the dark. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years as a safe, plant-based medicine and it is not going away. I encourage all residents who oppose safe access to this medicine to do their homework and learn about which major industries continue to funnel millions of dollars into a failed war on drugs. Here's a hint: you are probably already addicted to their products or are paying their salaries through your taxes. And if you think using this plant as a responsible adult -- with its unique ability to heal us in so many ways -- is somehow against God's will, I encourage you to read Genesis 1:29 and reflect on where this plant really came from.
Chelsea Sutula, President
Sespe Creek Collective


To the Editor:
I would like to thank the community for their support and participation in the education of students in the Fillmore/Piru community. I have served as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal within Fillmore Unified for the last 14 years, and I am eternally thankful for all the support I have received. August 2nd was my last day in Fillmore Unified School District, but I will always remember the countless friendships and relationships I had with parents, community members, and FUSD colleagues.
Fillmore is a very special place, and I will always hold fond memories of my time in this school district and community. I would like to particularly thank the staff and families at Fillmore Middle School, where I have had the honor of working for 12 of my 14 years in FUSD. I will genuinely miss seeing the staff and students everyday, and will keep them in my thoughts always. I will continue to watch the great things happening in FUSD from a distance. Best of luck!
Scott Carroll
FMS Principal

Letters to the Editor
July 28, 2016

To the Editor:
Council members, citizens of Fillmore, I hope this finds you, and finds you well. I attended the meeting regarding marijuana in Fillmore July 25. Hearing the pros/cons, personal stories, and concerns of citizens, I felt one issue/question may have been overlookedwhy is the council rushing into a decision? Didn't we just ban such activities months ago. I may not be fully educated, as most may not be, on this issue, and I would like to commend the council for taking the time to have the open forum and to stay longer than originally anticipated. In addition, I think it was a brilliant move by the members to put a city tax measure on November's ballot in order to prepare and protect for the possible changes to come from the State level. But why are we making a decision to open up the 'flood gates' NOW when we have no legal obligation to do so. The best thing we, as a community, can do is educate, prepare, and plan. Yes, marijuana activities exist in unincorporated areas, but we can stop what happens within our jurisdiction. The overwhelming majority at the meeting was to keep the ban. "Medical Marijuana" may truly help people, but how many are in dire need in our town? Is it really a burden to drive 45 min, because if it's really needed, it's only a small sacrifice. Many citizens make that same sacrifice daily, driving to work. We sacrifice because we love this town. Unless we legally need to do anything, we shouldn't. Fillmore does not need to be the 1st city in VC to allow these business activities, there's no benefit, other than a fiscal one, but is the revenue worth jeopardizing the youth and city for. If State measures do pass in November, and if we are legally required to take action regarding dispensaries and cultivation farms, we can do so then. Until then, we should keep the ban, educate, prepare, plan, and protect this great city for what lies ahead.


To the Edtior:
I would like to thank all the members of the Fillmore Women’s Service Club for their help with the Fireworks Booth this year. And to all the friends and volunteers that gave of their time so we can give Scholarships to High School Seniors next year, thank you, your help is greatly appreciated.
Susan Banks,