Roy Lee Alsup Jr. (1941-2016)

Roy Lee Alsup Jr. (1941-2016)

Roy Lee Alsup Jr was born in Temple,Texas, on June 28 1941 to Roy Lee Alsup and Martha Louise ( Barker)and his sister Betty “Brantley” Alsup.was born 3 years later . Roy moved from Texas in 1947 to Santa Paula, where he lived out on Limonera Ranch camp #800. There he grew up and made many life long friends. When he was 17 he enlisted into the United States Navy. While in the Navy he met a beautiful brunette name Peggy Bevill. They married a short time later in 1960. A short time after that they had their first child Roy and 3 years later a daughter Paige. Roy loved being a father so much so that he was baptized in 1967 and gave his life to christ. He knew even as a young man he wanted to raise to his family with God’s help. He and his son were in the “Y” Indian guides and he helped coach his son’s baseball teams all through little league. Roy bought his first home on Pamala Ln in Santa Paula in 1969. That was a vey proud time for Roy, he had been working for Union Oil for many years. He felt God had truly blessed him.
During this time, Roy took his family on many memorable vacations. Many of these were with the Floyd Patterson Family. They took many trips to Bass lake, house boat trips to lake Shasta and lake Powell. Roy and Floyd were more like brothers than friends Floyd “ Captain” and Dad truly enjoyed each other company and they’re families melded well.
In 1976 Roy moved his family to Fillmore. There they became members of the Fillmore Church of Christ, as a member of the church Roy became active as a bus driver in the Joy Bus program. He truly loved driving the Joy Bus. While driving he always greeted the kids with a big hello and bright smile. He would walk down the Bus aisle and shake the change in his pockets when he wanted to get the kids to quiet down, and the most quiet one would get a quarter. Roy many life long friends made many life long friends on the Joy Bus, Kids that are now grown will always remember the Joy Bus days.
Roy continued his career with Union Oil moving up through the ranks with the company from 1981 to 1985 moving around with the company as needed. In 1985 Roy settled back into this Hometown of Santa Paula. Working in Torrey Mountain in Piru and the bridge in Santa Pauala. Roy was known best as to his Union Oil friends as “ B.R.T” better known as Big Roy from Texas. Roy continued working for Union even after the company was sold to Torch.
In 1995 Roy started dating Shirley Logsdon whom he had known for years as the owner of the Pepper Mill and Logsdon’s restaurant. There friendship quickly moved on to much much more. They were married in January 1996 and Roy retired from working in October of that same year. Thus starting an exciting chapter in his life. Roy and Shirely had lots of things in common, one being love or family. Both made a easy transition into each other’s families. Roy loved Shirley’s kids and Grandkids as they were his own and they loved there Papa Roy. They both always wanted to travel and that’s what they did. They took cruises to Mexico, Hawaii, France, Italy, Greece, Crotia, Austrailia, and New Zealand. They also took fishing trips to Alaska, Canada, Austrailia, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.
Roy always loved to play the 12 string guitar and sing and would play and sing whenever someone asked which usually prompted everybody to join on in. He loved to Country dance, play poker, spend time with his friends and attend church. Roy loved his kids and grandkids the most. He love for his family was unwavering. His grandkids up a spark in his eye. All kids loved Roy because was always a big kid at heart himself.
Roy lee Alsup Jr. passed from this life to join his heavenly father surrounded by his family on March 10th 2016 he was 74 years of age. Roy was preceded in death by his wife Shirley Logsdon Aslup. He is survived by his son Roy and Patty Alsup and his daughter Paige and Sam Bennett. Grandchildren Samuel, Summer, Cameron Bennett. Nathan, Brianna and Trent Alsup and Great Grandson Jacob Lee. Grandchildren Tyler, Dillon, Jordan, Devin and Laney Wagner and Hailey and Zachary McCarthy and Shirley’s children and grandchildren Tom and Bob Wagner, Gawain and Ali Wagner and Ashley and David McCarthy.
A viewing will be held from 6pm to 8 pm on Thursday March 17th 2016 at Skillian/Carrol mortuary at 738 E. Santa Paula st, Santa Paula. We will be celebrating the life of Roy at the Church of Christ 276 West Santa Paula St. Santa Paula. On Friday the 18th of March on Friday at 12 noon. Graveside to follow. A dinner will begin at 3 p.m at the Church of Christ.