Fillmore Unified School District Purchases 1,000 Student Devices

FUSD received one thousand 2 in 1 laptop / tablet devices for student use. These devices are in the process of being delivered to school sites, providing access to technology for our students.

The first phase of implementation is to provide Mountain Vista, Rio Vista and San Cayetano Elementary schools with 7 devices per class at the 3rd grade level, and 10 devices per class at 4th and 5th grade. At FMS and FHS the district is deploying 10 devices per classroom, 310 and 370 devices respectively. Sierra High School is piloting a take home program, where each student will be assigned a device to support their daily studies. Piru Elementary school currently has a 1:1 iPad deployment, from the Apple ConnectEd grant.

With recent upgrades to the district-wide infrastructure each school campus has a robust wireless network. The laptops will be available to students in the classrooms to enhance the learning environment. District Superintendent, Dr. Adrian Palazuelos stated, “the new technology coupled with our wireless network will create new opportunities for student engagement and collaboration throughout the district.”

Our teachers are being supported by Educational Services to help them integrate digital curriculum into their classrooms. The work to create this opportunity for students has been a joint effort of the district Business Services, Instructional Technology, and Education Services divisions.

These improvements to our technology on campus are very exciting for our students and staff. Dr. Palazuelos added, “Fillmore students using these devices will be provided access to new learning opportunities available through the use of technology. Our students will thrive in classrooms where technology is another tool to support their learning.”