Needed: Fillmore High School Parent/Community Site Council member

One of our parent/community Site Council members is not able to serve this year. If you would like to serve, please let me know. We will have an election at Back to School Night on September 8th.

The responsibilities of the FHS School Site Council are described in detail in Board Policy 1260. In summary of Board Policy 1260, the School Site Council is responsible for developing a three year School Improvement Plan which will address the following topics: instructional strategies, curriculum, and instructional materials which will lead towards student achievement of basic skills, develop knowledge in other aspects of the curriculum and assist them in pursuing educational interests and the development of their self-esteem; supplemental services to meet the special needs of non-English speaking students, educationally disadvantaged students and pupils with exceptional abilities; a professional development component for teachers, other school personnel and volunteers; the improvement of the school environment and climate; and other objectives established by the site council. Annually the site council is responsible for reviewing, evaluating and modifying the school improvement plan and establishing a new school improvement budget.